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Responsible Old & Broken Furniture Removal

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  • Call now for a free waste removal quote: 0415 957 658 (phone any time). We offer the best overall value furniture disposal service in Sydney. Call now for fast and affordable service to all suburbs and regions.

Problem: Too Much Old & Broken Furniture

Old Furniture RemovalThere are some things in life that are harder than they should be. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re trying to find the best way to get rid of your old furniture – it’s not as easy as throwing away food scraps! You may have found that some of your items are just too heavy or awkward to move by yourself, and you’re wondering how they got there in the first place! People come up with all sorts of crazy ideas when trying to put new furniture in their homes, and usually at that point there isn’t a whole lot of other items getting in their way. Our friendly team remove furniture and other large items from homes and businesses across Sydney all day, every day – we’ll make light work of your furniture.

Furniture Removal Done Responsibly

With over 10 years’ experience in the Sydney rubbish removal industry, there’s not much that we haven’t seen! From massive old couches, to bulk broken chairs, we’ve removed all types of furniture. In this time we’ve almost seen a whole generation of furniture, it’s sad to be throwing away furniture that only a few years ago was brand new. We’ve also seen an increase in this kind of furniture, it seems that modern furniture isn’t built to last and people just like to buy new stuff. For this reason, we try to make sure that your furniture is disposed of in the most responsible way possible —if it can be recycled, we’ll recycle it.
Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal

Some of the common types of furniture we see include:

- Lounges & Couches
- Beds & Bedroom Furniture
- Chairs
- Tables
- Coffee Tables
- Bookshelves
- Cabinets
- And Lots More!

Save Yourself from Injury

Some of these items, such as chairs, you may be able to find alternative ways of removing them as they would possibly fit in your car and you could probably shift them quite easily yourself. Other items, such as couches and cabinets, will probably be quite hard to relocate on your own, and possibly even dangerous! There is over 100,000 injuries every year in Australia from people trying to shift heavy objects – don’t let this be you. Our team are shifting heavy things every day and we know all the tricks when it comes to moving things easily and safely. We won’t ask you to lift a finger when we’re removing your furniture – the only thing you have to do is tell us what needs to go.

Sydney's Cheapest Furniture & Rubbish Disposal Service

If you need fast furniture removal at an affordable price, you need Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal. We have worked hard to optimise our service so that we can offer fast and affordable rubbish and furniture removal to all areas in Sydney. Whether you’re located in the CBD, up on the Northern Beaches, or anywhere else in Sydney, we can help clear your old furniture fast. Call us now for a free quote on 0415 957 658. We promise you’ll be so glad once you’ve used our service.

Extra: Some Tips to Find Quality Furniture in the Future

With so much furniture out there (and so much cheap stuff) it can be hard to know what type of furniture will last and not be broken after only a few years of use. Unfortunately, quality furniture often costs a lot more, but it is usually worth it! Furniture that is made from unprocessed wood is going to last longer than alternatives like chipboard and mdf. If the item is painted or has some sort of coating on it, it will most likely be one of the latter products. After a few years of use, coatings can come off and chipboard can chip off with the glue that holds it together getting old. MDF on the other hand, can easily be ruined by a small amount of water – it swells up and will never go back to it’s previous form. You can tell real wood by looking at the wood grains. To avoid the high prices that real wood can have, it’s a great idea to buy second hand. Despite wooden furniture having a timeless style, you will find second hand items for sale regularly, as people downsize or upgrade. Websites like Gumtree are great places to find bargains on quality second hand items. If your furniture is still in a working order, you could even try selling it here yourself.

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