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With Australians producing over 43 million tonnes of solid waste every year, it’s no wonder 69% of Australians are worried about rubbish (According to recent Australian Bureau of Statistics research). Sometimes council provided curb side bins are just not enough. Particularly when bulky items are involved like old beds, appliances, garage junk and more. Our experienced team will make light work of your items removal woes with fast, easy, hand-loaded service at the very best price in the business. Looking for a free quote? We’re just a phone call away!

Rubbish Affects Everyone

Although we don’t spend much time thinking about it, is something that most people come into contact with every day of every year. While we regularly come across it, many people under-estimate the harmful effects of rubbish. It’s easy to forget that if its removal is not carried out on time, it may cause immense harm not only to one person in one place, but also to other people living in the surrounding areas. In fact, the problem of environmental pollution has taken the centre-stage only in the last few decades.

Earlier, little attention was directed at these issues, although the problem was already there. Governments such as the City of Sydney have started giving more priority to rubbish removal and environmental protection. This is in response to waste removal, recycling and environmental sustainability becoming an issue that Australian’s are much more interested in, realising that proper management has an effect on everyone!

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Prudent people always do whatever they possibly can to protect the environment, realising that we are ever so reliant on our environment. They make every possible effort to keep their surroundings clean by carrying out regular waste removal, and recycling as much as possible. If everyone were to be proactive in this way, our planet would be a much better place.

It is a known fact that Australians are very efficient in disposing of their junk. At Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal, it’s our aim to make rubbish disposal even faster and easier, particularly when you have a large amount of unwanted items that you need to dispose of all at once. We see this all the time with garage cleanouts, backyard clean ups, household junk, old unused appliances and more.


If you peep into human history, you would soon realise that excess waste was not there just a few thousand years ago. Only after people started setting up factories and mega industries did junk started accumulating. As technology improved and people’s focus on environmental sustainability increased, rubbish removal was completed more efficiently.

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Rubbish can be classified into two types, bio degradable and non-bio degradable. Though recycling is able to be completed for most bio degradable items, a lot of non-bio degradable waste remains and must be carefully dealt with.

Rubbish is a bigger problem more in developing countries than in developed countries. A huge amount of waste is generated in these countries in manufacturing, etc. The biggest question remains, how best to dispose of trash  in the most efficient and environmentally sustainable way possible.

Researchers will continue to investigate how waste removal can be completed more efficiently and how it can be effectively disposed of with as little disruption to our valuable environment as possible. Furthermore, researchers are trying to find out how the amount of waste we produce can be reduced. They are also trying to find out new methods of recycling and reusing the junk we produce. But, the results of this research takes time. Right now, why not try and do your bit to recycle as much as possible, and efficiently dispose of your unwanted items?

People should dispose of their old clothes by donating them to the needy and the poor people. Before buying anything, people should think twice, pause for a moment to decide whether the products they buy are very much necessary or not and then only, make their purchases. If they stop buying unnecessary items, a lot of junk can be avoided and we can all live on a cleaner planet. If you would like your rubbish efficiently disposed of, please contact us here at Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal, and we’ll be happy to efficiently and affordably help with all your Sydney waste removal needs.



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