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Let’s jump straight into it. Rubbish is a fact of life. Everyone has to deal with waste on a daily basis. The question isn’t whether you have to deal with junk, it’s HOW you deal with it. There are many ways in which Sydney CBD residents deal with waste and recycling. The first and most obvious way is curbside pickup provided throughout the CBD by the City of Sydney, generally using wheelie bins or the bins provided as a part of your unit complex. While this is all well and good for small items and general day to day garbage and recycling, in many situations, it is simply not sufficient.

In situations like this, Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal should be your first call. Why? This is what we do all day every day, we have over a decade of experience, and we’ll take care of your junk problem promptly, affordably, and without hassles. Call our friendly and experienced team now on 0415 957 658 for a free quote.

We Do the Hard Work & Hand-Load All Your Rubbish into Our Trucks

With our hand-loaded waste removal service, we do all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is point us in the direction of any items you would like disposed of, and we’ll make it happen. We’ll pick up and hand-load any unwanted items from your Sydney CBD property into our trucks ready for prompt disposal and recycling.

Some of the most common items we dispose of include household trash and unwanted items such as old fridges, freezers, lounges, beds, furniture and more. We also make light work of unwanted items from garage or shed cleanouts or backyard cleanups. Commercial, landscaping and building scraps are also quite common.

Put simply, we can take away almost any kind of junk without hassles and without you working up a sweat. And that’s it — this is how you easily dispose of any unwanted items from your Sydney CBD place like a pro, by calling a pro and letting them do all the work 10 times faster than what it would take you yourself. And this takes us to another question that we’re often asked.

There’s No Need to Wait. Call Our Team Now!

Considering Your Waste Options

What about hiring a trailer or perhaps a skip bin? Well, do you want to dispose of your junk now, as in today? Or do you want to be borrowing that trailer over the next few weeks, and have to carry all those heavy items yourself? Does navigating Sydney’s busy CBD traffic with a trailer, paying any additional tolls, and losing your weekends excite you?

How about rubbish skip bins? Well, they’re not much better. For starters, it’s you that has to make trip after trip picking up and carrying those heavy items to the skip bin. Secondly, do you really want an ugly waste bin sitting out the front of your place for weeks on end? And finally, because the skip bin hire fee depends on how long you have it for — and it always takes longer than you first envisage — it will often cost more anyway! So let’s get this straight, skip bins involve more work, take more time, look ugly out the front of your place, and cost more. And that’s before we even begin to talk about what they’ll do to your lawn when left sitting there for weeks on end.


You may not believe it, but there are a huge number of businesses within Sydney’s Central Business District. That is an obvious fact, however, you would actually have a hard time believing how much rubbish they produce as a whole. Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal only see a fraction of it, as most large businesses have multiple dumpsters that get emptied each week, however, we still frequently get called to jobs in the area.

With so many offices, old office furniture and equipment, along with e-waste such as computers, monitors, printers, etc, are common junk items we collect. There is also a lot of development in the area, so we get called to building and renovation jobs and take away all kinds of things from there. We’ve had years and years of experience collecting rubbish from the CBD, and so far, there hasn’t been one job too hard for us. If you’d like to get your home or business cleaned up and junk free fast, give our friendly team a call now.

What are you waiting for? Call now for a free quote

Before Junk Removal

Before Junk Removal

After Junk Removal

After Junk Removal

We’re Trying to Make a Difference for the Environment

Garbage is one of the biggest environmental problems the world faces. There are constantly new reports of animals dying from ingesting man-made waste items and most of us see litter just about everywhere we look. These smaller garbage items aren’t the type of junk we typically collect, as these can be disposed of easily for most people in their curbside bin. It is sad that some people decide that the side of the road is ok to dump their garbage!

In the same way, some companies are more than happy to send large junk items to landfill. The only positive to landfill is that it is contained to certain areas, unfortunately, it still causes environmental problems. The biggest problem is that whatever resources have been used in the items can never be used again. Recycling means that the precious resources that went into first producing the item aren’t all wasted. Even if you think an item wouldn’t be much use for recycling, there are usually parts to it that can be used to make composite materials for remanufacturing.

Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal proudly recycles everything that can be. As we load your junk into our trucks, we sort it on the spot so that we know where we need to take it. Different recycling centres can accept different items, and we’ve found all the best spots to take your junk so that you can have the cheapest service.

The Smart Way to Dispose of Waste from your Sydney CBD Property

The smart way to dispose of your unwanted junk is to call Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal on 0415 957 658, and ask for a free quote. We’ll have it gone in no time, and at a great price. It’s that simple. No matter where you’re located in the Sydney CBD or surrounding suburbs like Waterloo or Kings Cross, whether you’re in North Sydney, Parramatta, Surry Hills or perhaps somewhere in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs or Inner West area, get to it, and give our friendly team a call on 0415 957 658. We look forward to assisting.



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