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Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal

For over a decade, Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal has been serving Castle Hill and Hills District residents with fast and affordable junk disposal. Like most Sydney residents, you’ve probably got more important things to be doing with your time than trying to deal with your rubbish and old/broken items from around the home.

For general household waste, the local Castle Hill council provides a convenient curbside bin service, which probably covers your needs most of the time. However, you probably came across our website because you’re currently dealing with bigger problems – don’t worry any longer, you’ve come to the right place! Our experienced team specialise in removing large amounts of junk and large old/broken household items such as whitegoods and furniture. If you’d like the items that are cluttering up your home gone pronto, call us now on 0415 957 658, we can come and collect them today!

The Cheapest Rubbish Removal Option You'll Find

Customers often ask us how we are able to provide our service at such an affordable rate, and the answer is always the same – experience. Over the years, there has been, and continues to be, a lot of hard work put into optimising how our team operates. We’ve worked out all the tricks when it comes to providing fast rubbish removal, and by cutting down the time that it takes to provide this convenient service, we’ve also been able to cut costs right back.

The alternative options such as skip bins and taking junk to the local tip yourself, are a lot more work for you, take longer, and usually end up costing more. We’re sure you’ll be very happy with your decision to call our team, you won’t find better service within the Castle Hill or Hills District Area.

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How to Save Money on Your Castle Hill Clean Up

We may be the cheapest junk removal service, but there are often some other things you can do to save money when getting rid of items from your home or business. Fortunately, there is a large online community in Castle Hill constantly buying and selling items, and you can easily be a part of it. The greatest part about these online market places is that people pay you AND come and take the items away for you.

Two of the options that are completely free are Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. You just have to list your location and your item details and people will be seeing it. Most people are surprised the first time they use it, by how quickly someone contacts them about it. Castle Hill is located in a great location, so it is likely that not only locals will be interested in your items but residents from right across Sydney. If no one wants to buy it, you can try having it free for the first taker, this way it is still likely to get reused by someone. If this still doesn’t work, give our team a call, we’ll make sure that it at least doesn’t go to landfill and get’s recycled.


It doesn’t matter where your property located, our service covers more than the Hills District and Castle Hill area. From the Sutherland Shire, through Sydney CBD, and up to the Northern Beaches, we offer our fast and affordable service. It doesn’t matter what you need removed either; our team can do it all. Broken/old beds, mattresses, desks, tables, chairs, lounges and couches, are just some of the common large items our team comes across.

We pride ourselves on disposing of junk responsibly, Australia has a huge rubbish problem, and we don’t want to be part of it! Wherever we can, we make sure as much of your waste that can be recycled is recycled – we don’t just send stuff straight to landfill. If you’re ready for cheap, fast, easy and responsible service, give our friendly team a call now on 0415 957 658 – you’ll be glad you did!

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