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    While she’s been famous for a while, being one of TIME’s most influential people in 2015, Marie Kondo has had further recent fame by having her series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” released on Netflix. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been inspired to have a clean up yourself – we’ve created this summary to help you!

    Marie Kondo’s trademarked method of cleaning up and getting rid of junk, “The KonMari Method” can be summarized by 6 main steps. While you will gain a lot from reading her books and watching her content, we’ve done our best to make your KonMari cleanup as simple as possible by just going over this page. The first three steps involve sorting of junk, the last three steps involve sorting.

    The 6 Steps

    The first step in getting your place cleaned up is to commit. You need to be sure that nothing is going to be able to stop you achieving your goal in getting your place looking clean the way you want it. Like a new years resolution, if you’re not fully committed, it won’t take long until you give up. It’s not an easy task to go from a cluttered house to a simple, clean home, particularly with all the things that modern life throws at us! It’s not just a commitment of an afternoon – a full cleanup can take months!

    There’s no point in just cleaning and decluttering if you don’t have a goal in mind. The KonMari Method requires you to visualize the end goal. Asking yourself “What does my dream house look like?” may help you imagine the clean open space in your house. If your current house is cluttered, there’s a good chance if you were given your dream house, it wouldn’t take too long to clutter it up as well! Try to imagine things in detail – where would your furniture go? Would it be the same furniture? What other ornaments will you have around the room? Etc.

    This is where it gets practical. For this step you may need to get everything into one place – empty drawers, shelves, desk tops, etc and put everything in one place. For most of us this is a big job in itself – this isn’t meant to be a 5 minute clean up. You’ll probably find things that you’d forgotten you had or haven’t used in a long time. Before doing any tidying, make a separate pile of things you no longer want or need. It may take some time (even days or weeks), but that’s ok, since you’ve made a commitment you’ll know you have to keep going until it is all done.

    Often when we ‘tidy up’ or have a clean out, we do so one room or one cupboard at a time. Having already grouped your items and taken out the items you no longer want or need, you’ve half completed this step. It is important that you think about all your items as a household and not just a room so that you can simplify and not have the same items cluttering each room. When you sorted through each category such as clothes, books, old furniture, sentimental items, etc, you can then think about where items should be put.

    While Marie Kondo has a specific order of how thing should be sorted and discarded, you’ll find that the majority of people who have tried it don’t stick to the exact order and still make things work. In fact, there are a lot of checklists that people have made and each are slightly different from one another. You may find that you have categories of items that don’t fit into anyone elses checklist, so you’ll just have to stick closely to a list. Sorting t-shirts before pants isn’t so important as that you actually sort through both.

    While going through your checklist and sorting items for your newly cleaned/simplified home, the thing that you’re supposed to ask yourself is “Does it spark joy?”. Does the item you’re holding make you happier? Does it make your life easier? Does it bring back good memories? If it doesn’t do any of these things, then it’s probably time to say good bye to it! Finish letting go by thanking the item if it has been useful in the past and then add it to the discard pile!

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    Our Thoughts on the Marie Kondo Method

    At Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal, we’re certainly like the idea of clean ups, we’re helping people do clean ups every day. We’re not entirely sold on the KonMari method though, as we’d spend our whole day asking ourselves if items sparked joy and thanking them for their service – we only speak to people not things! We do think that it is important to simplify and clean through everything in your house occasionally, it’s just important that you don’t replace the new found space with more junk. Unfortunately, this is often what happens after clean ups.


    Environmental Concerns

    We also have some slight hesitations towards a sudden change to a minimalistic lifestyle by throwing out a whole lot of stuff, and that is where your rubbish may end up. There are a number of good recycling centres across Sydney capable of processing most items, however, if you’re not intentional about sending your junk there, it can just as easily end up in landfill. The Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal team take pride in the care we show to the environment by recycling everything possible. If you want to dispose of your junk and know that it has been dealt with responsibly with the environment’s best interests in mind, then you can count on us. Regardless of whether you need to dispose of old garage junkoffice waste, perhaps an old lounge or something else, it’s important to do so in a responsible way.


    Additionally, our team do just about everything for you! We won’t sort through your stuff, but we can take away anything that you direct us to, there’s no need for you to worry about how you’re going to get rid of it. We can take any items, big or small and it won’t cost you a fortune. Give our friendly team a call today for prompt, friendly and affordable service that you’ll love.

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