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    Get Your Backyard Looking Clear and Clean

    For many people, the back or front yard of their home can easily get overgrown and messy if they don’t have lots of time to keep it looking clean. If you don’t have several hours every week to get around and keep things tidy, organic matter and other items build up and when it comes time for a big clean, there can be a heap of stuff that needs to be dealt with. It can be hard to know what to do with it all. You may have a curbside green bin, but that can be next to useless if you have a huge pile of branches, weeds, and leaves. Some items like gravel, bricks and stones will make your curbside bin too heavy to shift and could even damage your bin. This is why you need our service.

    Our friendly and experienced team have completed garden waste removal and disposal for large landscaping jobs where everything except the ground itself has had to go. Green waste can be really bulky but not usually so heavy, whereas pavers, bricks, rocks and gravel can be really heavy even if there’s not that much. Regardless of how much you have, our experienced team will be able to take it all away for you in one or multiple truckloads, as there’s never been a job that we haven’t been able to complete. 

    You'll Love Having a Clean Yard that is Free from Junk

    When cleaning up a back yard, you’d usually expect that everything there belongs in nature and doesn’t cause any environmental harm. However, we’ve found that a lot of backyards are turned into private rubbish dumps, where old furniture, whitegoods and appliances are left to rot or rust. If there’s no room in the house for the item, people often try to avoid the costs of rubbish removal by just leaving things in their yard. It certainly doesn’t look nice, but if you’re not looking at it all the time, it may not bother you! Household items can often leak harmful chemicals into the environment, which is why our team try to avoid sending this sort of stuff straight to landfill.

    If possible, household items that have been moved to the back yard, are taken by our team to the nearest recycling centre. Not only is this an environmentally responsible solution, it can save you a heap of money too. As for green waste, instead of letting this rot at a rubbish dump, we try to take this to a tip that has a mulching solution, so that there can be some good use made of your unwanted green matter.

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    Our friendly team of rubbish removal experts have taken away endless amounts of junk of all kinds from Sydney residents. We don’t only dispose of garden and green waste in Sydney, if there’s something that you don’t want at your home, business or property, our team are able to get rid of it for you. Whether it is an old bed or mattress, a fridge or freezer, of just a heap of scraps from a home renovation, there’s literally no job too hard for our team. If you think you’ve got something that might be too hard for us, just give us a call and speak to our team about it.

    When we say that we service all of Sydney, we mean it. Whether you’re right down in the Sutherland Shire or Campbelltown, out in Penrith, or up on the Northern Beaches, we’ve got trucks and workers close enough to get to your property promptly and clean up. If you need your place cleaned up now, don’t trust anyone else for fast service, as you won’t find any other business that can get to you and have the job done faster than Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal. Give us a call now on 0402 737 046 for a free quote.

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    Can you dispose of anything that I don't want from my yard or garden?

    Absolutely. Our team can take away anything or everything from your property, regardless of the size or quantity of the item you have.

    Can you take away my green waste the same day that I call?

    Yes, our team are fast and efficient in our work, making sure that everyone who needs our service receives it on the same day that they request it.

    Is green waste disposal in Sydney expensive?

    Rubbish removal has a heap of factors that can affect the price. Obviously the size/amount and type of waste is a factor. Green waste disposal tends to be cheaper as it is fully biodegradable and can easily be turned into mulch, etc. Call us for a quote.

    Do you service all suburbs in Sydney?

    We certainly do, and you won't find faster service. We've got teams and trucks scattered across Sydney, ready to help you wherever you are, whenever you need.



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