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We Will Never Be Beaten on Price or Quality

No one wants to spend a fortune on waste removal, we get it! That’s why our business has been built from the ground up to be super-efficient, so YOU get Sydney’s fastest and cheapest junk disposal service.

Prompt Service

We have more to offer than Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal. Our service is super fast — we can come and take away your junk TODAY.

Unbeatable Prices

You won’t find a better value service. Service of this quality won’t be found anywhere else in Sydney for a price as great as ours.

Any Type of Junk

We can remove any kind of rubbish for you. Old white goods, building site scraps, and furniture are just some of the items we often remove.


We truly believe our service beats any of the other waste disposal options out there. While skip bins are popular, there are a number of reasons why Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal is a better option for your situation:

  • We do all the work for you

    Our friendly and experienced team do all the heavy lifting, you can sit back and relax!

  • We're cheaper and faster

    Since we do everything for you in the one go, it’s a lot quicker than skip bin hire. Without pick up / drop off fees, disposal fees, etc, it makes sense how a better service can actually be cheaper too.

  • No more ugly skip bins

    No one likes the look of them particularly when they’re sitting in your front yard killing the lawn. There’s no need for one — call 0415 957 658 now!

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Why We're the Best Choice for All Your Waste Disposal Needs

We’ve built our business from the ground up to offer the best service in the waste removal industry. Read on for the 3 Most Significant Reasons to choose us:


Call us now for a quote — we provide you with the best value Sydney junk disposal in the industry.


We’re open Weekdays & Sundays — Get the job done fast! When you need same day rubbish removal, give us a call for prompt, friendly Sydney service.


We hand load your rubbish into our trucks. Don’t break your back loading a bin with your waste! We will load the trucks for you cheaper! All you need to do is phone us for friendly rubbish removal service and we’ll do all the work.


We Divert Waste from Landfill

We’ve been working in Sydney’s rubbish removal industry for over a decade now, and in that time we’ve seen many concerning changes in the rates that rubbish is being produced. At times it has been challenging for us, as it could seem we’re contributing to the problem by making junk disposal such an easy process – the last thing we want to do is encourage people to live more of a disposable lifestyle! However, we figured that if we stopped our business for these reasons, someone else would take the spot of being Sydney’s fastest, easiest and cheapest junk removal company, and they may not be so responsible with the waste that they collect. Our rubbish removal team have stuck around in the hope that by providing a great service we can divert rubbish from the likely destination of landfill to the appropriate recycling facility.


The Statistics are Alarming


Recently, the ABC’s documentary War on Waste has highlighted some of the big issues we’re facing regarding waste. Some alarming statistics were brought to light such as the garbage Australians generate is growing at twice the rate of our population, we use over 10 million plastic bags a day, 36 tons of clothing is thrown out every hour, and over a billion unrecyclable coffee cups are used every year. We hope that this documentary will have had some impact on the way Australians think about waste and encourage them to think twice before throwing away their unwanted belongings. Recycling and disposing of your waste in an environmentally friendly manner is a top priority for the Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal team. Did you know that every tonne of mixed paper recycled can save the energy equivalent of 625 litres of fuel, 15-17 trees and 26,498 litres of water? We recycle as many items as possible to minimise the impact on the environment.

Make Landfill the Last Option

We don’t like to take away perfectly good & working items just because they’re no longer wanted. We’re not in the business of taking your items and selling or giving them away, the best we can do is recycle – so we’d much prefer you do everything possible to find a way your items can be reused before passing them on to a rubbish removal company. Common ways your belongings can be used is by giving them to your family or friends, giving to a Sydney op shop, holding a garage sale, or selling through various online stores. If these options don’t work, there’s also many ways items can be repurposed. By doing a search online for ‘alternative uses for [item]’, you’ll likely get a stack of ideas that you would have not otherwise thought of. If these options don’t work out, your next call should be Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal. We know the best places in Sydney for your rubbish to go. Technology at the various recycling centres across Sydney are always developing and our junk removal team do what we can to keep up-to-date with what items are able to be recycled at each of them.



It doesn’t matter what type of junk you’ve got at your Sydney home or business, we know you don’t want to pay a fortune for rubbish removal. No one does!

We completely understand your situation, which is why we provide Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal. There are a heap of reasons as to why we think you will completely love the service we provide. Anyone would agree that our service is amazing value when they’ve seen the work that we’ve done. But there are plenty more reasons why you’ll love our service:

  • Great Rates

    We’re a family operation and provide quality service for your Sydney home or business at an affordable price.

  • Our Services

    We offer a range of waste removal services and will help you match these to your needs.

  • Environmentally-Friendly

    All your unwanted junk is safely disposed of at approved Sydney waste recycling centres for your peace of mind.

  • Onsite Sydney Service

    No need to pick up, load your rubbish, and then drive to the tip. We come to you and do all the work at an affordable price!

We Can Take Away Any Kind and Amount of Rubbish

Our experienced team have 15+ years experience, and can safely and efficiently dispose of almost any kind of waste:

  • General Household Junk

    Got rubbish or unwanted items in your home that you’d like gone? We can take it away for you — from piles of garbage to mattresses and old furniture.

  • Garage/Shed Clean Ups

    Any old stuff that’s been shifted out of your house like furniture & e-waste, or broken tools, etc.

  • Broken Appliances & White Goods

    Old washing machines, broken fridges, freezers, clothes dryers, stoves, ovens — you name it! We can take away all your old stuff after a kitchen renovation.

  • Building Site & Renovation Scraps

    We collect lots of plasterboard, timber, carpet and tile offcuts, as well as bricks, pavers, metal, and anything else that you might find on site.

  • Garden & Green Waste

    Landscaping produces a heap of junk: trees, stumps, branches, plants, rocks, ornaments, weeds, etc.

  • Commercial & Office Waste

    Businesses often have a heap to dispose of, including, desks, shelving, chairs, computers, photocopiers, store displays and much more.

  • Did We Miss Something?

    Contact our friendly team about it, as we’re almost certain we can help you.

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We Remove All Types of Rubbish


Before Rubbish Removal

Before Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal

After Rubbish Removal

After Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal

We’re ready to help you. Contact us when you’re ready for a free rubbish removal quote:


For large junk removal jobs, many people automatically think to hire a skip bin. Why? Because people see them – sitting in front yards for weeks, getting filled up with waste, destroying the grass, and making the place ugly – they’re hard to miss! What people don’t see so much is the smart option – Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal Sydney. Here are just a few of the reasons our team offers the ultimate service.

Waste Removal Doesn’t Have to be Ugly

As mentioned above, you rarely see us! Instead of sitting in your front yard for weeks, we’re in and out of your Sydney property within minutes (some larger rubbish removal jobs may take a few hours). There’s no need to have an unsightly skip bin in your front yard for so long when our team can work so fast. Skip bins often leave big dead patches of grass and can cause other damage due to their size and weight. Our truck doesn’t need to drive over and damage your property in any way, no one would even know we’ve been (except your place looking clean!). Our team don’t like to leave your Sydney property until it is looking spotless. Instead of your front yard having the markings of a skip bin, Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal will leave it looking neat and tidy, just as it should be.

Overflowing Rubbish Bin

Save Precious Time


Our service not only saves you time, it also saves you a lot of work! Our experienced team are removing junk from Sydney homes all day, every day, which is how they can be so fast at it. The only thing you’ll have to do is direct our rubbish removal team to the various items that need to have removed. You may have trouble keeping up with them, so it’s recommended that you know exactly what you want gone and where it all is before we arrive. Items that we regularly dispose of are often large and heavy, these can be dangerous to lift & shift by yourself which is another reason you should call in the experts. There hasn’t been a job too hard for our team yet, but we’ve been able to help out endless property owners with jobs that they have placed in the ‘too hard’ category.

Stress Free & Easy

Our service not only saves you time, it also saves you a lot of work! Our experienced team are removing junk from Sydney homes all day, every day, which is how they can be so fast at it. The only thing you’ll have to do is direct our rubbish removal team to the various items that need to have removed. You may have trouble keeping up with them, so it’s recommended that you know exactly what you want gone and where it all is before we arrive. Items that we regularly dispose of are often large and heavy, these can be dangerous to lift & shift by yourself which is another reason you should call in the experts. There hasn’t been a job too hard for our team yet, but we’ve been able to help out endless property owners with jobs that they have placed in the ‘too hard’ category.


Save Hard Earned Money

Piggy Bank

Our speed and efficiency at Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal means that we’re usually much cheaper than skip bins. There are several costs associated with skip hire in Sydney including the delivery, and pick up, which involves the travel costs as well as the driver wage. The other expenses being the actual hire for the duration of its use as well as the disposal costs – all of these are passed on to you. Our junk removal service does everything in one quick trip, cutting these costs right down to something much more affordable.

Environmental Responsibility

One of the big reasons we believe skip bins are a bad idea is that when you throw your items in, and the skip bin is taken away, they’ll usually all go straight to landfill. Our rubbish removal team genuinely care about the environment and know the problems waste production is causing. When we collect rubbish from your Sydney home or business, we can determine straight away what items can be recycled and we’ll make sure that it happens wherever possible.

Environmentally Responsible



The friendly and experienced team at Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal are ready to take your rubbish, junk, waste or whatever you want, away. Simply phone us, and our friendly and experienced team will be there in no time to pick it up, load it into our trucks, and dispose of it. Our affordable Sydney waste collection service is usually much more cost effective than hiring a skip bin, and, you don’t have to load the junk yourself – we do all the work for you. Call our rubbish removal team today for fast service.


Too Heavy/Bulky to Remove Yourself

Broken Washing Machine

Most Sydney residents don’t own a ute or a trailer, so they’re unable to take rubbish to the tip themselves anyway. Additionally, most people aren’t strong enough to lift heavy items like large fridges and washing machines out of the house and into a vehicle themselves. This is where our rubbish removal team can help.You can save your back from trying to lift and shift heavy items and let our team do all the work. For most jobs we have several workers so that we can shift and load all items quickly and easily – we’re lifting heavy stuff every day, so we can do just about anything!

Your Rubbish Needs to Go Fast!

Shifting house? Friends or family visiting? Limited time? There’s a whole lot of reasons that you may need to get rid of your junk almost immediately, and we’re ready to help. Our rubbish removal team frequently visits Sydney homes where the owners are shifting really soon, and they’ve built a pile of junk that they don’t want to take with them and the new owners wouldn’t be interested in. We can come to these places quickly and have all the junk gone and looking like it were a new and empty home. We also go to a lot of homes that have limited space and are trying to have a clean up before a party or similar get together with family and friends. It’s amazing how much space rubbish can take up! Get your place cleared of waste today by calling Sydney’s friendliest junk removal team.

Fast Icon

Build Up of Rubbish (Hoarding)

Cluttered House

In an effort to avoid waste, a lot of people let things that should probably just be thrown away, build up until their Sydney home can look quite cluttered. While we do support the avoidance of unnecessary waste, we’ve learnt that keeping useless items and having clutter, doesn’t help anyone. If you’ve got stuff that may be useful in some way but not to you at the moment, find someone who would appreciate having it right now! There is some stuff that you may no longer want, that no one else would want either – this is when you should call Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal. We’ll make sure it is disposed of responsibly by having it recycled so that it is not a complete waste!

Curb Side Bin Too Small

If you’ve had a big clean up, party, or just have a lot of general rubbish, you may never be able to dispose of everything in your ordinary bin. In these special circumstances, you’ve usually got plenty of other things to be doing rather than finding ways to remove your waste. Our rubbish removal team can solve your problems promptly and not cost you a fortune. We frequently do one off jobs for Sydney homes and businesses where their usual bins/dumpsters are at overflow point. We’ll save you time, money and effort, so give our team a call today!

Wheelie Bin

Spring Cleaning

Feather Duster

Spring is a common time for people to have a big clean up. Your house may have been closed up over the winter and you want to start getting some fresh air through, and remove any mould, dust, and general dirt that may have built up since the previous spring/summer period. When doing this clean up, a lot of people decide to ‘clean up’ their belongings, by throwing out a heap of stuff that they no longer want. No matter what you’ve found in your spring cleaning that you’d like to have removed, Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal can take it away promptly. We’re sorry that we won’t come in and scrub your tiles with you, but you’ll be amazed at the difference a little less clutter can make to the cleanliness of your Sydney home.

Junk/Trash Build Up

Struggling with the accumulation of junk and unwanted items around your Sydney home or business? You’re not alone. Did you know that two-thirds of Australian adults are concerned about the accumulation and disposal of household waste? That’s according to a recent survey from the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics). While this is a common problem that many Australians face, what many aren’t aware of, is just how easy it is to solve the problem and dispose of all their unwanted items. It all starts with a simple phone call to our friendly rubbish removal staff. We’ll be happy to provide an estimate and explain how our service works. Don’t forget to ask about same-day service, which is available throughout most Sydney areas. Once our team are on site, all you need to do is point out what items you’d like us to dispose of, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting, whether it be picking up and disposing of old TV’s, beds, ovens, or yard waste, so you can rest easy while we’re carrying all your unwanted items away and loading up the truck. We believe in doing rubbish removal in an environmentally friendly manner, and recycling wherever possible.

Large Pile of Rubbish

Building and Renovation Sites

Hammer and Bricks

One of the most wasteful times in a home’s life is its construction. Like just about everything new these days, all building parts come with a heap of packaging that doesn’t have much more use than to make it look new. Excess packaging is one of the largest rubbish problems that we have! In addition to packaging, there are always a lot of offcuts, leftovers, and other random items that are produced on a building site that will no longer be wanted once the construction has finished. Whether you’ve done a home renovation or built a new Sydney home or other building, you’ll have produced some significant waste and need a rubbish removal service! Have our team take it all away for you, saving you the troubles of skip bin hire. Call Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal today!

Deceased Estates

It’s not something that anyone likes to deal with, but at some point in everyone’s life, they’re going to have to face the loss of a loved one. Regardless of whether they were a minimalist or a hoarder, the job of cleaning up their home can be a difficult one. There is usually a significant number of items that no one in the family will want and it won’t have the value to be worthwhile selling. No one wants to have to take these to the tip and dispose of them personally – it’s much easier to let someone else do this job. Our team at Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal can be the ones to look after this for you. We’re always very respectful of your loved one’s items and will do whatever we can to make rubbish removal an easy process for you and your family.

Old House


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Your Garage & Carport Areas

Full Garage

There’s not a more popular spot for storing junk than the garage. You’re probably familiar with the scenario where a quick home clean up is needed, so everything that is sitting around gets shifted to a shelf or the floor of the garage. Depending on how many shelves you have in there, there’s the potential for storing a heap of unwanted items. Many people also store their wheelie bins in the garage, and it’s not uncommon for an overflow pile to start. It’s a great idea to try and use the weekly Sydney curb side collection to dispose of things, but often it’s not enough. Whether it’s actual garbage that doesn’t fit in your bin, or random items that will never be used again, our rubbish removal team can come and take away anything from your garage so that you can have a bit more space that will hopefully be used for more important things than junk!

Lounge Room & Living Spaces

Couch and Clutter

The corners and walls of shared rooms in a house like the lounge room and dining room, can often be collectors of junk. Despite having come from someone’s bedroom or another space, people often leave things in these areas hoping someone else will deal with it. They may have found items that they don’t know who it belongs to, or they may no longer want things but believe someone else may. If this scenario sounds familiar to you and you’ve got piles of rubbish in your house that need cleaning up, you’ll love the service that Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal has to offer. You can get your Sydney home cleaned up today!

Your Shed or Backyard

Shed Graphic

It doesn’t matter what size your shed is, you’ll know that it’s never big enough! Sheds seem to accumulate junk of all sorts, and for many people it can be hard to find a path to some of the things they need to access due to the amount of stuff in their way. We’ve noticed that people with clean houses often have messy sheds, as household junk retires to the shed. There are usually things you can find in your shed that can be disposed of. If you need more room in your shed, it would be worthwhile having a thorough look over your shed to assess what you could live without. Once you’ve found a heap of stuff that needs disposing, the easiest way to get rid of it all is by calling our rubbish removal team. Our rubbish removal team in Sydney will come and collect it right away so that you can enjoy some extra space in your shed!

Front Yard & Nature Strip

Rubbish on Nature Strip

A common place that you’ll see people’s junk is right out the front of their Sydney home on the nature strip. Depending on what sort of items they put here, they can sit there for hours or weeks if no rubbish removal service has been organised! Some Sydney residents have a keen eye for useful stuff, so if your junk has any value, you can’t expect it to stay there long. If your items are real junk that no one would want, they’re going to need to be collected. There are at times specific council pickup options in some areas, however, for most people their junk doesn’t fit the criteria and an alternate solution is needed. If you’ve got junk on your nature strip that needs picking up, call Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal today – we’ll have it gone in no time!


Whether it be green waste from a backyard clean up, renovation scraps, old fridges, freezers or other goods, the friendly and experienced team at Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal are ready to help! We can promptly pickup and remove any unwanted items, from mattresses and junk from a garage cleanout, all the way through to unwanted building and commercial waste. Some of the common items that we collect include large whitegoods like washing machines, dryers, fridges and freezers, old furniture like lounges & couches, tables and chairs, and other large items like beds and mattresses. There’s never been an item too hard for our Sydney team to take away.


Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal is a specialist provider of waste disposal services throughout the greater Sydney area. We provide a same-day rubbish collection service to most suburbs throughout Sydney including the Eastern Suburbs and Inner West. We also service the Northern BeachesSutherland Shire, CBD and more.

Getting rid of your unwanted rubbish is often on the ‘to do’ list of many Australians, but something that can be a pain, and we never ‘get round’ to doing. Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal can easily do all the work for you in getting rid of all your waste.

Whether you’re in Parramatta, Liverpool, or any other area in or around Sydney, give us a call and we will help you out.

Sydney CBD

Eastern Suburbs

St George

Inner West

If you're looking to dispose of your trash the easy way, the choice couldn't be easier:

  • We have a range of waste disposal trucks, from small to large, that can easily carry from 1m³ to 15m³, so there’s no junk removal job too big or small.
  • Why break your back loading up a skip bin with your trash when you could have our experienced team do all the heavy lifting for you? We pick up and hand load your junk into our trucks. It’s fast, easy and much better value than hiring a skip. We come and dispose of your trash all in the one go, rather than you having to pay to have a bin junking up your front lawn for weeks on end. And with the high property prices across NSW, why would you want a skip bin dumped on your front lawn for weeks on end when you could have rubbish disposed of so quickly, and with same-day service often available.
  • When disposing of your rubbish, another important consideration is experience. Having been in the rubbish removal business for well over a decade, we’ve seen a lot of companies come and go and the last thing you want is to be mucked around when it comes to getting rid of your unwanted items and cleaning out your Sydney office, garage, home or backyard.
  • Sydney is a beautiful city, so why not do your bit to stay tidy, dispose of rubbish, recycle, and keep your place clean? We service most areas throughout the city and surrounding Sydney suburbs, including the North Shore, Inner West, CBD, Sutherland Shire and more. Just call our friendly team for a free quote and we’ll take care of your junk in no time.
  • We will not be beaten on price. No one wants to spend a fortune on disposing of garbage and unwanted items. For great service at the best price, give our friendly and experienced team a call on 0415 957 658You’ll be glad you chose Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal.


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