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    Empty a Deceased Estate, Ready for New Residents

    It’s never pleasant to have to clean up a deceased estate. There are always items that were precious to loved ones and it can be tough trying to find space for new things in your home, or finding a new home for items. There is also usually a significant amount of things that nobody will want and it can be tough trying to transport it all to a nearby tip, and just having to deal with it in general. For this reason, Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal offer a special service for deceased estates. All you need to do is take the items that you’d like to keep and our team will do the rest. We’ll load up and take away everything that is left for reuse, recycling or disposal.

    Many of our previous customers have mentioned how grateful they were for our service, as it relieved some of the stress that is inevitably placed upon you in these situations. Don’t let a deceased estate rubbish removal job raise your stress levels, as our friendly and experienced team are only a quick phone call away.

    You'll Be Able to Relax When the Rubbish Removal is Done

    There can be a lot of things to think about when having to deal with deceased estate rubbish removal. It can be particularly tough if it a parent or family member’s home that you are working with. There are usually a heap of other things taking priority over making clean up plans. You may even live a long distance away from the home that you have now become responsible for, and it could be a real nightmare trying to deal with all the items from a distance or rushed visit. If there is a lot of junk, some people hire skip bins and move items into it. However, this is a whole lot more work for you, and it can often cost more than having our team do the clean up for you.

    It doesn’t matter how much stuff needs to get taken away, or how big any of the items are, our team can handle it all. There’s never been a job too hard for our team in the 15+ years we’ve been working in the industry so we’re sure that we can help you too. Just give our friendly team a call today!

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    We’ve taken away all sorts of interesting items from deceased estate rubbish removal jobs in the past. While a lot of stuff often has to go to a disposal centre due to the age and condition, we do take a lot for recycling or find it a new home. We frequently take items like old beds and mattresses, washing machines, clothes dryers, fridges, freezers, couches, lounges, etc, as these tend to be well worn or hardly working and aren’t wanted by anyone else. Fortunately, these can often be recycled!
    It doesn’t matter where in Sydney the deceased estate that needs clearing is, as we’ve got multiple teams of deceased estate clean up and rubbish removal experts in various locations around the city. Whether you’re down south in a suburb like Caringbah, somewhere in the Western or Eastern Suburbs, in Surry Hills in the CBD, or up in Hornsby on the North Shore, our friendly and experienced team can come to you promptly. Just pick up your phone and call us now on 0402 737 046.

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    Are you able to clean up and remove rubbish from a deceased estate the same day I call?

    We most certainly can. We’ve got several trucks around the city with efficient workers ready to come and help you promptly.

    What sort of items are you able to dispose of from my deceased estate?

    Our team can take away literally anything that you don’t want. We sort items into their appropriate recycling/waste categories and make sure everything is disposed of in the most responsible way.

    How much will it cost me to have you clean up a deceased estate?

    It depends. A fixed price would mean that someone with a small job would get over charged. We give the best value quotes – just give us a call and tell us what needs to be done. Quotes are free and have no obligation.

    Do you service all Sydney regions?

    We definitely do. When we say that we service all Sydney areas, we mean it. We’ve got multipe trucks all over Sydney and can help anyone anywhere quickly.



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