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3 Reasons Why So Much Waste is Produced in the CBD



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Our team here at Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal collect a huge amount of junk from across Sydney’s CBD, but it’s only a small percentage of the total waste produced in the Central Business District. There are several reasons for the excessive amount of trash, but the main reason is in the name of the place! As home to some of the largest companies in Australia and serving as headquarters for many international companies, a lot goes on in this small space.

Some of these businesses have hundreds of people working for them, which produce plenty of garbage themselves. But the business & work needs of these people is often quite wasteful. Many offices get through reams of paper each day, and depending on the business there may be a lot of packaging and other scrap material produced. Additionally, large amounts of e-waste can be produced by system upgrades, etc.

No Room for Hoarders

Another reason for producing a lot of rubbish is that residential areas within the CBD are densely populated which makes it just appear like there is more junk being generated by the locals. As it is extremely expensive to live within this area, another factor to consider is that residents may be wealthier on average, which often can lead to being more wasteful.

The high density of people also means smaller homes and buildings, which usually requires more regular use of a disposal service. Where people have large homes and backyards, broken items are often kept for years, as owners plan to fix eventually or find another use. If you don’t have the space to store broken and unwanted items, they just must go!

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Sydney's Visitor Rubbish Contribution

Sydney’s CBD also has a lot of visitors to the suburb which also increases waste production. The CBD is a must stop for tourists and commuters – tourists always want to check out the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, and other attractions within Circular Quay, and commuters usually have to go to central station at some point in their ride, even if they don’t leave the station.

On average there are around 5 million visitors to the CBD each year, who contribute billions of dollars to the local economy. Money spent often means rubbish of some sort is produced – it’s hard to imagine the amount of junk that this produces.


If you have a home or business within Sydney’s CBD and you need to remove old and unwanted items of any sort, our service is what you’re looking for. Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal have been collecting large amounts of waste from the CBD and areas across Sydney for over a decade.

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