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Worst Job in Sydney?

When people think of the worst types of jobs, being a Sydney garbage man may come to mind. Collecting people’s junk doesn’t sound good, but it’s not really that bad. It doesn’t take long before dirty garbage doesn’t bother you at all. The hardest part about waste removal is seeing how much people are producing! Recently in the news a story came up about a rubbish patch floating in the ocean just off the Caribbean island of Roatan.

The actual size of this patch is mind boggling – it stretches for kilometres! Waste has had an effect right across the world, this rubbish patch was likely caused from a hurricane, but the same kind of trash can be found just about everywhere. Plastic debris has even been found in the Antartica, a place that has hardly been touched by humans!

Sydney Harbour Garbage Patch

Stories like this can be easy to ignore when the problem isn’t right at your doorstep, however, it is. There are areas at the bottom of Sydney Harbour that have been described as a rubbish dump. Approximately 900 tonnes of trash is collected from Sydney beaches every year. This waste is only what has been washed up – there’s a lot more that is just sitting on the ocean/harbour floor! Being exposed to these issues is the hardest part about working in the industry. We wish our jobs weren’t needed and that no one produced waste, however, this is unlikely to ever happen. One of the biggest motivators for us is that we can help the situation by disposing of peoples junk responsibly.

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We Dispose of Rubbish Responsibly

Sending your rubbish to landfill is definitely better than throwing it in the ocean or on the side of the road. However, even much better than landfill is having your junk recycled. Sometimes it can be hard to know what items can or can’t be recycled, and you may find that your recycling bin is often quite full anyway. When you’ve got large items to dispose of that aren’t going to fit in your bin, such as a fridge or couch, your first thought may be to have it taken to your nearest tip (landfill). This solution is time consuming, can be expensive, can be a bit of trouble just finding a way to move the items, and you’re just taking your waste to landfill anyway! Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal provide a fast, easy and affordable solution and whenever possible, we’ll have your junk recycled.


We’ve been removing junk from Sydney homes and businesses for over 10 years, so we know our way around very well and know exactly where all the best waste and recycling centres are. All you have to do is give our friendly team a call and leave the rest up to us. Whether you’re in Sydney’s CBD or out in the suburbs, we’ll come to your location promptly and take away whatever you ask us to.

We’ll also do all the heavy lifting of your junk into our truck and then in no time, we’ll be on our way to have your rubbish disposed of responsibly. There are so many reasons why you’ll love our professional service – give us a call today on 0415 957 658.

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